Honour - China 1856-60

Date - 01-Oct-1856 / 26-Jun-1858 & 01-Aug/24-Oct-1860
Type - Campaign Award
Conflict - Second China War

Description The initial spark for the war occurred when the Chinese captured the British cutter 'Arrow' on charges of piracy. Although the charges may have been justified; as she was a British registered vessel her release was demanded.

Hostilities began when Canton (Guangzhou) was bombarded and captured Dec-1857. Then in May-1888 the Taku Forts were captured and a large force of British and French; troops, marines and sailors assaulted and captured Peking (Beijing).

The Treaty of Tientsin was ratified 24-Oct-1860 which allowed Europeans free travel into the interior of China, freedom to preach Christianity and legalised the import of Opium


HM Ships
Cormorant  Lee  Plover     
Acorn  Actaeon  Adventure  Algerine 57-60 Amethyst 
Assistance  Auckland   Banterer  Barracouta  Beagle 
Belleisle  Bittern  Bustard  Calcutta  Camilla 
Clown  Comus  Coromandel  Cruiser  Drake 
Elk  Encounter  Esk  Firm  Forester 
Furious  Fury  Haughty  Hesper  Highflyer 
Hong Kong  Hornet  Inflexible  Insolent  Janus 
Kestrel  Leven  Nankin  Niger  Nimrod 
Opossum  Pioneer  Pique  Racehorse  Sampson 
Sans Pareil  Sir Charles Forbes  Slaney  Starling  Staunch 
Surprise  Sybille  Tribune  Volcano  Watchful 
Winchester  Woodcock       
Bouncer  Cambrian  Centaur  Chesapeake  Cockchafer 
Flamer  Grasshopper  Hardy  Havock  Imperieuse 
Magicienne  Odin  Pearl  Retribution  Reynard 
Ringdove  Roebuck  Scout  Simoom  Snake 
Snap  Sparrowhawk  Sphinx  Urgent  Vulcan 
Watchman  Weazel       
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