Honour - Gabbard 1653

Date - 02/03-June
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions
Conflict - First Dutch War 1652-54

Description The battle took place near the Gabbard Sands, off Orfordness, Suffolk.

An English Fleet of about 115 ships under command of Generals-at-Sea, George Monck and Richard Dean, engaged a Dutch Fleet of 104 ships under command of Admiral Marten Tromp.

The two fleets sighted each other at dawn 02-June-1653 and battle began at 11:00 hrs. Richard Dean was killed by the first Dutch broadside. During the day 3 or 4 Dutch ships were lost.

Next day General-at-Sea Blake arrived with another 18 ships and the Dutch were routed. They withdrew to the Flanders shallows where the larger English ships could not follow.

The Dutch lost 11 ships captured, 6 sunk and 3 blown up. The English lost no ships.


HM Ships
Adventure  Advice  Andrew  Arms of Holland  Amity 
Ann and Joyce  Anne Piercey  Assistance  Assurance  Bear
Benjamin  Blossom   Brazil  Centurion  Convert  
Convertine  Crescent  Crown (Taunton) Culpeper  Diamond 
Dolphin Dragon Dragoneare  Duchess Eagle  
Eastland Merchant  Employment  Essex Exchange  Expedition 
Fair Sisters  Falcon  Falmouth  Foresight  Fortune 
Fox  George  Gift  Gilli Flower   Globe 
Golden Fleece  Guinea  Hamburg Merchant Hampshire  Hannibal 
Happy Entrance  Heart's Ease  Hopeful Luke  Hound  Hunter 
Industry  James  John and Abigail  Jonathan  Kentish  
King Ferdinando  Laurel  Lion  Lisbon Merchant London 
Loyalty  Malaga Merchant   Marmaduke  Martin  Mary 
Merlin Mermaid  Middlesborough  Nicodemus  Nonsuch 
Oak  Paul  Pearl  Pelican  Peter 
Phoenix  Portsmouth  President  Princess Maria  Prosperous 
Providence  Prudent Mary  Rainbow   Raven  Reformation  
Renown   Resolution Richard and Maria  Roebuck Ruby
Samaritan  Samuel Talbot  Sapphire  Sarah   Society 
Sophia  Speaker  Stork Success  Sussex 
Swan   Tenth Whelp   Thomas and Lucy   Thomas and William Tiger 
Triumph Tulip  Vanguard   Victory  Violet 
Waterhound  Welcome  William William and John   Worcester
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