Honour - Texel 1673

Date - 11-August
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions 
Conflict - Third Dutch War; 1672-74

Description The battle was fought between the same English, Dutch and French commanders who had fought in earlier battles that summer.

It took place off Texel on the Dutch coast. The Allied Anglo-French fleet of about 92 ships plus 30 fireships under Prince Rupert, intended landing a force to engage Holland. They were opposed by the Dutch fleet under De Ruyter, of about 75 ships-of-the-line and frigates plus 30 fireships. However the exact number on both sides are uncertain.

The Dutch had the weather gage and attacked the allied van under the French Admiral D'Estrees, which had separated from the rest of the allied fleet. They were thrown into confusion and unable to support the English centre and rear divisions. Which were attacked by the Dutch for several hours and suffered severe damage.

The two exhausted fleets separated and the attempt to land the invasion force was abandoned.

No allied ships were lost but the fleet suffered severe damage and the loss of about 2000 casualties.

The Dutch fleet was seriously damaged and lost about 1,000 casualties.


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