Honour - SCHOONEVELD 1673

Date - 28-May and 04-June
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions
Conflict - Third Dutch War; 1672-74

Description The Schooneveld was a long basin guarding the entrance to the Scheldt estuary. Two battles were fought there between an Anglo-French fleet and a Dutch Fleet.

During the first battle the allies had 81 ships-of-the-line 11 frigates and 35 fireships, the Dutch 52 ships-of-the-line, 12 frigates and 25 fireships. The battle began at noon and lasted 9 hours. The Dutch with their superior local  knowledge were able to restrict the allies ability to manoeuvre in the shallow waters. The French lost 2 ships and the Dutch one. Although inconclusive the Dutch claimed it as a strategic victory.

Following the first battle the allies cruised the Dutch coast for a week when the Dutch came out and attacked. The battle continued in heavy weather, the allies were in a state of confusion and the fleets closed to within 4 miles of the British coast, before both sides disengaged.

By the next morning the Allies had returned to the Thames estuary and the Dutch to Schooneveld. Again the Dutch claimed a strategic victory.


HM Ships
Advice  Anne  Assurance  Bonaventure  Cambridge *
Charles  Constant Warwick  Crown  Diamond  Dreadnought 
Dunkirk  Edgar  Falcon  Foresight  French Ruby 
Gloucester  Greenwich  Hampshire  Happy Return  Henrietta 
Henry  Lion  London  Mary  Mary Rose 
Monck  Newcastle  Old James  Prince  Princess 
Providence *  Rachel *  Rainbow  Resolution Revenge 
Royal Charles   Royal Katherine   Royal Sovereign  Ruby  Rupert
St. Andrew  St. George   St. Michael  Samuel and Anne *  Stavoreen 
Sweepstakes  Swiftsure **  Triumph  Unicorn  Victory 
Warspite  Welcome **  Yarmouth  York   
*   First action only
** Second action only
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