HMS Vanguard (1946) BB  (9th)

This HMS Vanguard the tenth to carry the name, was the last British battleship to be built.

Built by John Brown Shipyard on the Clyde, laid down in October 1941 as part of an emergency war building program, launched 30-Nov-1944 and completed in April 1946.

The overall design was similar to the 'King George V' Class but the guns and turrets had improved elevation and armour protection. 
During construction the lessons of WW2 were being learnt and she incorporated considerably increased anti-aircraft protection, together with changes to damage control arrangements. 
Another improvement over the KGV's was a pronounced sheer to the forecastle, to improve seaworthiness, and raked cowls on the funnels to keep gases clear of the bridge area.

Her career was short and spent mainly with the Home Fleet. A highlight was to take King George VI on a royal tour to South Africa in 1947.

After 1949 she was used mainly in a training role, and placed in Reserve in 1954.

Appeared at the Coronation Review 1953.

As the last British battleship she was towed out of Portsmouth on her way to be broken up in 1960, ending an era which had begun almost exactly 100 years before with HMS Warrior the first British ironclad battleship.

Arrived Faslane 09-Aug-1960 for breaking up.


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