HMS Warrior (1861) BB  (2nd)

This the second ship to carry the name HMS Warrior was an ironclad battleship.

HMS Warrior was the first British Ironclad to be ordered and marked the start of the greatest change in Naval Warfare in over three hundred years. 

The change from sail to powered ships, and the change from smooth bore muzzle loaders to rifled breech loaders.

Warrior was built by Mare, of Blackwell. Laid down 25-May-1859, launched 29-Dec-1860 and completed 24-Oct-1861, at a cost of 377,292. When launched she was reluctant to enter the water and it took six tugs an hour to haul her down the frozen ways.

She served in the Channel Fleet from 1861-1864. Refitted from 1864-1867, then back to the Channel Fleet until 1872. In concert with her sister ship Black Prince towed the floating dock from Madeira to Bermuda in 1869.

A second refit followed 1872 - 1875 after which she became coastguard ship at Portland until 1881. Lastly she went to the Clyde as RNR Ship until being paid off in 1884.

Used as a depot ship from Jul-1902. Then as torpedo depot ship in Portsmouth from 1904, when renamed HMS Vernon III, until she was cut down to a hulk and renamed Warrior in 1923.

Moved to Pembroke to serve as an oil pier. Renamed C77 in 1945.

Renamed HMS Warrior in 1979, and in the 1980's moved to Hartlepool for restoration, and later display at Portsmouth.

She is still afloat in 2004, having long outlasted the last British battleship HMS Vanguard (1946), which was sent to the breakers yard in 1960, an era which lasted almost exactly 100 years.


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