HMS Newcastle (1937) CC  (7th)

This the seventh ship to carry the name HMS Newcastle was a Cruiser.

Built by Vickers Armstrong on the Tyne, laid down 04-Oct-1934, launched  23-Jan-1936, and commissioned 05-Mar-1937.

On completion joined the 2nd Cruiser Squadron, with the Home Fleet.

When WW2 started was undergoing refit and joined the 18th Cruiser Squadron with the Home Fleet in 12-Sep-1939, undertaking trade protection duties the work with the Northern Patrol.

After a short refit on the Tyne went to Plymouth Jul-1940

On 11-Oct-1940 in company with HMS Revenge bombarded Cherbourg.

Moved to Gibraltar 13-Nov-1940 to join Force H. Took part in the engagement with the Italian Fleet off Spartivento, 27-Nov-1940.

Dec-1940 went to the South Atlantic Command until Aug-1941 when she went to Boston for refit which lasted until Dec-1941.

Feb-1942 to the Eastern Fleet until Jun-1942 when it was to the Mediterranean for a Malta convoy operation.

On 15-Jun was hit by a torpedo fired from S56 and badly damaged. Temporary repairs were completed at Bombay and arrived at New York Navy Yard 10-Oct-1942 for full repairs which took until Mar-1943. After she arrived back in the UK Mar-1943.

Arrived at Kilindini 27-May-1943 for service with the Eastern Fleet and the 4th Cruiser Squadron.

Remained in the East until 1945, returning to Rosyth in May-1945 for refit which took until Oct-1945.

Was with the Plymouth Command from 1945 to 1947 on trooping duties. Then it was to the Mediterranean and the 1st Cruiser Squadron 1947 to 1949.

Modernised 1950/51 after which she went to the Far East to the 5th Cruiser Squadron and saw action in the Korean War.

Remained in the Far East Fleet for the rest of her active service. Returning to the UK Aug-1958 to be paid off.

Sold for scrap in 1958 and arrived at Faslane for breaking up 19-Aug-1959.

Won the Battle Honours: Spartivento 1940, Burma 1944-45, Korea 1952-53.


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