HMS Petard (1942) DD  (2nd)

This the second ship to carry the name HMS Petard was a P Class, destroyer.

Built by Vickers Armstrong on the Tyne, laid down 26-Dec-1939, launched 27-Mar-1941, and commissioned 14-Jun-1942.

To the Mediterranean for Malta convoy escort work.

Then early 1943 to the Indian Ocean before returning to the Mediterranean. Jul-1943 took part in the operations for the Sicily Invasion, Salerno Invasion and Aegean sea.

On 30-Oct-1942 took part in the sinking of U-559. The submarine had been forced to the surface after a prolonged depth charge attack by five destroyers. Following a mistake by the Germans when opening the vents to scuttle the boat, the submarine sank only slowly. This allowed four of Petard's crew to board and snatch confidential books and Enigma documents which helped develop cribs used to break the four wheel naval Enigma machine. First-Lieutenant Tony Fasson and Able-Seaman Colin Grazier were lost when the submarine sank. Seaman Ken Lacroix and 16-year old canteen assistant Tommy Brown were able to make it out of the submarine as it sank and survived.

Captured the Italian submarine Uarsciek 15-Dec-1942.

1944 was on to the Eastern Fleet in the Indian Ocean, and carrier strikes and coastal strikes against Japanese forces on the Burma and Malaysian coasts.

Sank the Japanese submarine I27 Feb-1944 and obtained the distinction of sinking an enemy submarine from each of the three Axis navies. Remained in the Far East until the end of the war.

Went into reserve Sep-1946.

Converted to a Type 16 frigate with the pennant number F26 1953-55 and went back into reserve until 1960 when she joined the Home Fleet.

Paid off and listed for disposal May-1964.

Broken up 1967 at Bo'ness.

Won the Battle Honours: Mediterranean 1942-43, Sicily 1943, Salerno 1943, Aegean 1943 and East Indies 1944.


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