HMS Defence (1861) BB  (4th)

This the fourth ship to carry the name HMS Defence was the name ship of the second class of Ironclad battleship to be ordered.

Built by Palmers shipyards, laid down Dec-1859, launched 24-Apr-1861 and commissioned 04-Dec-1861 at a cost of 252,422. Completed 12-Feb-1962.

She served with the Channel Fleet 1862 - 66, then refitted and rearmed 1867. Back to the Channel Fleet 1868 - 69. On the North America station 1869-70 and in the Mediterranean 1871-72. Refitted at Plymouth 1872 - 74.

Guardship at Shannon 1874 - 76. Back to the Channel Fleet 1876 - 79 with a deployment to the Mediterranean including going up the Dardanelles.

Into Reserve 1879 as guardship Mersey and in collision with Valiant 20-Jul-1884 when she sustained serious damage. 

Continued in Reserve at Plymouth until 1890 when she was converted into a floating workshop.

Renamed Indus in 1898.

Was still in existence at Devonport 1940.


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