HMS Agamemnon (1908) BB  (4th)


This the fourth HMS Agamemnon was the second of two Lord Nelson Class battleships.

Built by Fairfield, laid down in 1904, launched 23-Jun-1906 and  completed 1908.

By the time  Agamemnon had been completed HMS Dreadnought (1906) had been constructed. Therefore the Lord Nelson Class of pre-dreadnoughts were launched into obsolescence.

She served from 1908-1913 in the Home Fleet. In 1914 joined the 5th Battle Squadron, Channel Fleet.

Early in 1915 joined the Dardanelles force and remained with it throughout that campaign. During these operations she was hit over 60 times. She remained in the Mediterranean for the rest of the war and on 15-May-1916 shot down Zeppelin L85 at Salonika. 

While at Chatham from 1919-23 she was commissioned as a radio-controlled target ship for gunnery and bombing. In one series of bombing trials she remained unscathed after 114 bombs had been dropped. 

Sold 24-Jan-1927 for breaking up.

Won the Battle Honour: Dardanelles 1915-16.


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