Birmingham Class (1914) CC

The four ships of the Birmingham Class (1914) comprised three ships for the Royal Navy plus one for the Royal Australian Navy. Light Cruisers, part of the 1911 construction programme.

They were near repeats of the Chatham Class (1912), slightly wider but with two sided 6in guns on the foredeck, instead of a singe gun on the centreline. They had greater flare forward which reduced spray and gave greater lift forward All had a single 3in anti-aircraft gun mounted in 1915.

They were the last development of a series of classes begun with the Bristol Class (1910), and remained in service after the end of WW1.

They, together with the Bristol (1910), Weymouth Class (1911), Chatham Class (1912), and Birkenhead (1915) Classes were sometimes collectively known as Towns or Town Classes.  All the ships in these classes were named after British Towns.


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