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The four ships of the Weymouth Class (1911) were Light Cruisers. Derived from the Bristol Class (1910) and described in the 1909 Estimates as Improved Bristol Class. Part of the 1909 Construction programme.

They had a uniform main armament of 8 x 6in guns, the forecastle deck was extended aft to correct the freeboard problems and the waist guns enclosed in a bulwark.

All received a 3in anti-aircraft gun in 1915, mounted between the second and third funnels. A tripod foremast and director control for the 6in guns were fitted in 1917.

They, together with the Bristol (1910), Chatham (1912), Birmingham (1914), and Birkenhead (1915) Classes were sometimes collectively known as Towns or Town Classes.  All the ships in these classes were named after British Towns.

They were successful and remained in service after WW1. Having ocean going range in a predominantly short range cruiser force, built for North Sea operations.


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