Honour - Genoa 1795

Date -  13/14-March
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions 
Conflict - French Revolutionary War; 1783-1803

Description The action took place in the Gulf of Genoa, about 20 miles south-west of Genoa.

A British squadron of 14 ships-of-the-line and a French squadron of 15 ships-of-the-line.

The French were escorting an assault force from Toulon which was intended to recapture Corsica.

Two days of manoeuvring followed, during which the French Ca Ira (84) rammed the ship ahead of her and lost her fore and main topmasts. She was taken in tow by the French Centaur (74), and both were captured by the British the next day.

The French sailed off to the west, and the action ended.


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Agamemnon Bedford Britannia Captain Courageux
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Inconstant  Lowestoffe  Meleager Moselle Poulette
Princess Royal Romulus St. George  Tarleton  Terrible 
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