Honour - ASHANTEE 1873-74

Date - 09-June-1873 / 04-February-1874
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions
Conflict - 19th Century Colonial Wars

Description The action took place on the Gold Coast of West Africa and was the third of a series of wars against the Ashanti Empire, located in the interior of present day Ghana.

In 1871 Britain bought the Dutch Gold Coast protectorate from the Dutch part of which was claimed by the Ashanti.

They invaded the new British protectorate and a force of troops including a naval contingent sent to defend the protectorate landed in Jan-1874.

There was widespread fighting along the coast and peace was concluded after the Ashanti capital was occupied by the British and burned.


HM Ships
Active 73-74  Amethyst 73-74  Argus 73-74  Barracouta 73-74  Beacon 73-74 
Bittern 73-74  Coquette 73-74  Decoy 73-74  Dromedary 73-74  Druid 73-74 
Encounter 73-74  Himalaya 73-74  Merlin 73-74  Rattlesnake 73  Seagull 73
Simoom 73-74  Tamar 73-74  Victor Emmanuel 74     
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