HMS Malaya (1916) BB  (1st)

This the only ship to carry the name HMS Malaya  was one of five Queen Elizabeth Class (1915) battleships

Built by Armstrong, laid down Oct-1913, launched 18-Mar-1915 and completed in Feb-1916. The cost of her construction was paid for by the Federated Malay States.

She joined the Grand Fleet in Feb-1916. Was in action at Jutland and sustained considerable damage from the eight hits she received. Repairs took until June-1916, when she rejoined the fleet. She remained with the Grand Fleet for the rest of WW1.

In 1921 made a visit to Malaya, and then returned to the Home Fleet until 1922. To the Mediterranean 1922, back to the Home Fleet 1923-24. Returned to the Mediterranean 1924-27, followed by a refit until 1929. The Mediterranean again 1929-30. Atlantic/Home Fleet 1930-34. Refit 1934-36. Mediterranean 1936-start of WW2.

Initial war duties were escorting convoys, and in March 1940 rejoined the Mediterranean Fleet. Was in action off Calabria 9-July-1940. Continued with convoy escort duties in the Mediterranean, until 1941 when she returned to the Atlantic, again on convoy escort. On 2-March-1941 was torpedoed 250 miles west-northwest of the Cape Verde Islands and sustained some damage to her anti-torpedo bulges and wing compartments. Went to the USA via Trinidad for repair. 

In July-1941 was back in the Mediterranean and joined Force H covering Malta convoys. Continued with convoy escort duties until July-1943 when she was placed into care and maintenance.

Recommissioned for bombardment duties in support of the Allied invasion of Normandy landings. But only carried out one operation against the Island of Cezembre. Went back to Reserve.

Sold 20-Feb-1948 and broken up at Faslane.

Won the Battle Honours: Jutland 1916, Calabria 1940, Atlantic 1940-41, Mediterranean 1940-41, Malta Convoys 1941-42 and English Channel 1944.


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