Queen Elizabeth Class (1915) BB Specification
- 1943 

The ships which fought in WW2 were very different from those of WW1.
The main differences compared with the 'as built' specification were:-

Crew :

? To Queen Elizabeth Class (1915) Ships :
Displacement : Increased by 3000-4,000 tons. To Queen Elizabeth Class (1915) Specification - as built. :

Dimensions :

No change.                                                                                     
Range : Queen Elizabeth, Valiant and Warspite  increased range.

Armour :

Belt and turret armour unchanged.
Deck armour increased to 5in (12.7cm) over magazines, engines and boilers.
Armament : Queen Elizabeth and Valiant;
8 x 15in guns, elevation increased to 30;
6in guns removed;
20 x 4.5in guns;
24 x 2pdr guns AA (pom-pom);
16 x 0.5in.

8 x 15in guns, elevation increased to 30;
8 x 6in guns;
8 x 4in guns;
32 x 2pdr guns AA (pom-pom);
31 x 20mm guns.

8 x 15in guns elevation remains at 20;
14 x 6in guns;
8 x 4in guns;
16 x 2pdr AA (pom-pom);
16 x 0.5in.

Torpedo tubes removed in all ships.

Power plant : Queen Elizabeth, Valiant and Warspite re-engined and re-boilered to give increased range.

Max Speed :

Queen Elizabeth and Valiant 24kt.
Warspite and Malaya 23.5kt.
Note:  Barham was sunk before 1943.
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