HMS Implacable (1901) BB  (2nd)

This the second HMS Implacable was one of three Formidable Class battleships.

She was built at Devonport Dockyard, laid down in July-1898, launched 11-Mar-1899 and completed in Sep 1901.

She served with the Mediterranean Fleet from 1901-08, Channel Fleet 1909, Home Fleet 1909-12, and 5th Battle Squadron 1912-1914.

She joined the Dardanelles Force in early in 1915, and in May was detached to join the Italian Fleet to assist with the blockade of Austria.

Service on the East Indies to Egypt route followed, before returning to the Mediterranean for 1916-1917.

A final duty was with the Northern Patrol from 1918-1919.

Sold 08-Nov-1921 and broken up in Germany.

Won the battle Honour: Dardanelles 1915.


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