HMS Glasgow (1910) CC  (6th)

This the sixth ship to carry the name HMS Glasgow was a Light Cruiser.

Built by Fairfield Shipbuilders of Govan on the Clyde, laid down 25-Mar-1909, launched 30-Sep-1909, and completed Sep-1910.

On completion Joined the Home Fleet 1910-11. Went to the South America Station 1911-15.  

During WW1 in the South Pacific off Coronel in November 1914, she saw action when, with the armoured cruisers Good Hope and Monmouth, and armed merchant cruiser Otranto, she engaged the superior force of the new heavy cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, with 3 light cruisers supporting. 

Having inflicted damage on the enemy, Glasgow escaped under cover of darkness with very little damage considering that an estimated 600 shells were fired at her. Otranto also escaped but Good Hope and Monmouth were sunk with all hands. 

Later near the Falkland Islands, in company with the cruisers Invincible and Inflexible, the battle with Admiral Von Spee was resumed on terms that were rather more equal. The victory was convincing with HMS Glasgow sinking a light cruiser. Another, the Dresden escaped this particular battle, only to be found at Mas a Fuera, Chile and sunk 14-Mar-1915 by Glasgow together with HMS Kent.

To the Mediterranean 1915-16, the Adriatic 1917-18, and Gibraltar 1919.

Returned to the UK and went into reserve 1919, and listed for disposal 1920. However was used as a Stokersí Training Ship, Portsmouth 1921-26.

Sold 29-Apr-1927 for scrapping.

Won the battle Honour: Falkland Islands 1914.


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