HMS Enchantress (1935) SL  (5th)

This the fifth ship to carry the name HMS Enchantress was a Bittern Class Sloop.

Originally intended to be named HMS Bittern, renamed Enchantress when selected to be an Admiralty Yacht. Built by John Brown on the Clyde, laid down, 09-Mar-1934, launched 21-Dec-1934, and commissioned 08-Apr-1935.

Completed as an Admiralty Yacht with extensive accommodation aft.

When WW2 began joined Rosyth Command, and undertook anti-submarine escort on the East Coast until Oct-1939. Then to Plymouth and a month's refit which removed much of the luxury fittings, and added a 3in HA gun and 2 z quad 0.5in machine guns to give some anti-aircraft protection.

Then served as convoy escort, first in the Channel, and South Western Approaches, followed by the Atlantic until May-1941. With refits at London Dec-1940 to Jun-1941, and Liverpool May-1941 to Aug-1941.

From Aug-1941 to Oct 1942 it was work as convoy escort on the Freetown convoy route. Following the invasion of North Arica she moved to the Western Mediterranean and escorted convoys along the coast of Africa. On 13-Dec-1942, rammed and sank the Italian submarine Corallo and sustained damage which required repair at Grimsby from Feb to Jun-1943.

Then it was back to convoy escort on the Freetown route until she returned to Portsmouth Jun-1945.

As she still had accommodation aft from her Admiralty yacht service, she was fitted out as a landing Ship Headquarters  (Small), which was completed Jul-1945.

Then she left the UK to join the Pacific Fleet and arrived at Colombo on the day WW2 ended. She served with the pacific Fleet until Dec-1945 when she returned to the UK.

Arrived at Portsmouth Mar-1946 and laid up on arrival at Portsmouth.

Sold 22-Oct-1945 and renamed Lady Enchantress. Broken up on the Tyne Feb-1952.

Won the Battle Honours: Atlantic 1939-45, Mediterranean 1942 and North Africa 42-43.


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