Tiger Class (1959) CC

Under the 1941 cruiser construction programme three more ships of the Fiji Class (1940) were authorised. Plus three more under the 1941 Supplementary Programme. With a final two more under the 1942 construction programme.

None were given a high priority and during their construction several underwent a bewildering series of name changes intended to get those ships most likely to survive to receive the 'best' names.

Of the eight, three were completed as Minotaur Class (1944) ships, one was broken up on the slip, one cancelled and the remaining three were eventually completed to a completely different design the Tiger Class (1959) CC.

Although the three ships of the class were launched in 1944 and 1945, construction was suspended in 1946. Then on 15-Oct-1954 it was announced that construction would be resumed, with their superstructure dismantled in preparation for a new design which would proceed in 1955.

The three ships were finally completed between Mar-1959 and Mar-1961.

First Blake then Tiger were converted to 'helicopter cruisers' during the mid/late 1960's. Blake being the last cruiser in RN service.

Lion did not receive a similar conversion and was broken up in her original cruiser configuration.


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