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The  three ships of the Minotaur Class (1944) were part of the 1941 Cruiser Construction Programme. They were based on the Fiji Class (1940). Changes were made as a result of war experience and to retain stability with the extra equipment added, beam was increased by 1ft in Minotaur and Swiftsure, and 2ft in Superb.

Eight ships were ordered, but they did not have a great priority and although three were laid down in 1941 they were not completed until 1944 and 1945. Of these Minotaur was transferred to Canada on completion and renamed HMCS Ontario.

Before being launched several ships underwent a complex series on name changes, designed to hopefully ensure the 'best' names went to those hulls most likely to survive the cancellations expected at the end of WW2.

Several hulls were laid up for a number of years before construction resumed to a different design, entering service in 1959-61 as the Tiger Class (1959).





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