Amphion Class (1936) CC

The three ships of the Amphion Class were improved Leander Class (1933). Amphion was part of the 1931 construction programme, and the other two, the 1932 programme.

The main change was to the arrangement of the machinery spaces. Instead of having both boilers in one compartment and both engines in another. There were four compartments arranged boiler/engine/boiler/engine, with cross connections to allow any boiler to supply steam to any engine. This was new to Royal Navy practice but was common in some other navies. The ship was lengthened by nine feet but the chance of a total loss of power from one hit was reduced.

 After a short period in service with the Royal Navy, Amphion transferred to Australia and renamed HMAS Perth; Apollo was similarly transferred and renamed HMAS Hobart. Phaeton was launched and shortly before completion similarly transferred and renamed HMAS Sydney.

Only Apollo/Hobart survived WW2.


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