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The Leander Class was intended to be a Cruisers which would operate with the Fleet. They were slightly smaller than the Exeter Class (1931). Leander was part of the 1929 construction programme, the others, the 1930 programme.

Only Neptune was lost during WW2. All were paid off in the late 1940's with Achilles sold to the Indian Navy, the others scrapped.

They were armed with 6in guns in new turrets able to elevate to 60 degrees. Armour was concentrated mainly around the machinery spaces and and magazines. Transverse subdivision was used to limit flooding if shells penetrated unprotected parts of the hull.

Although good seaboats they were wet especially amidships. During the 1930's forecastle plating was extended aft to cure this. In addition the single 4in guns were changed to twin mountings.

During WW2 anti-aircraft defence was increased as conditions allowed.


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