Honour - Sadras 1782

Date - 17-February
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions
Conflict - American War of Independence; 1775-83 


The battle was the first of a series of four actions awarded a battle honour in the East Indies between the British Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Hughes and the French Admiral Pierre Suffren, to establish naval supremacy in the Indian Ocean.

The battle took place off Madras about 9 miles SE of Sadras. The French squadron of 11 ships-of-the-line plus a small convoy of transports were sighted and the British squadron of 9 ships-of-the-line set off in pursuit.

The French had the wind advantage and concentrated on the rear five British ships. Then the wind shifted and the British van were able to engage. The battle ended when the French withdrew having failed to turn their initial advantage into victory.


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Isis  Monarca  Monmouth  Seahorse  Superb 
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