Honour - China 1900

Date - 10-June/31-Dec-1900
Type - Combined Operations
Conflict - Boxer Rising

Description The Boxers were a secret Chinese society which attempted to drive all foreigners from China.

By 1899 they were openly attacking Chinese Christians and western missionaries. By May-1900 they were roaming the countryside around the capital Peking (Beijing), had cut off and threatened the safety of the international legations there.

An international force was raised and sent to Tientsing, to raise the siege on the legations, part of the force was a naval brigade landed from ships which were awarded the battle honour.

In June-1900 the Taku Forts were bombarded and reduced; four Chinese torpedo boats captured by HMS's Fame and Whitney, and a naval brigade landed. Which in conjunction with forces from other European powers captured Peking on 14-Dec-1900.

Ships which landed a naval brigade were awarded the battle honour.

Several other ships although participating in actions at China did not land a naval brigade and so were not awarded the battle honour.


HM Ships
Alacrity  Algerine  Aurora  Barfleur  Centurion 
Endymion  Fame  Orlando  Phoenix  Terrible 
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