HMS Valiant (1868) BB  (3rd)

This HMS Valiant was the third to carry the name.

She was an Iron Armoured ship. Launched on 14-Oct-1863, but her  completion was delayed when her initial builder's Westwood and Baillie went bankrupt. After which she was transferred to Thames Iron Works, who completed her in Sep-1868.

On commissioning she went into First Reserve, (i.e. half complement), in Southern Ireland, where she remained until paying off in 1888.

After paying off she was used for harbour service from 1888. Then in 1897 was used as a depot ship. She was renamed Indus IV in 1904 continuing her use as a depot ship.

She was renamed again in 1916 to Valiant (Old), and yet renamed again in 1919 to Valiant III

Used as an oil hulk from 1924.

Finally broken up at Zeebrugge 09-Dec-1956.


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