Sovereign (1489)  (1st)
Great Ship

Construction of the first Sovereign began in 1486, launched 1487, and completed 1488. Some of the timbers used came from Edward IV's Grace Dieu.

Originally known as the Trinity Sovereign, but renamed in 1489.

She was of the type known as Carrack, of 800 tons, and saw much action during her 40 years of service.

Building was supervised by the architect, Sir Reginald Bray, she was something of an experimental ship, as a number of new features were introduced.

Her armament varied from time to time, and in 1495 comprised 
31 stone guns, (short pieces with a wide bore)
110 serpentines, (long guns).

It is not known how many were heavy guns as not all stone guns threw heavy shot and not all serpentines were of small bore.

She was partly rebuilt and rearmed in 1509.

In 1526 she was laid up without shipkeepers and reported to be  unserviceable without great repair. Not mentioned again and believed broken up soon after.


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