HMS Roebuck (1986) SV  (14th)

This the current and fourteenth ship to carry the name HMS Roebuck is a multi-beam survey vessel. Completed as a Class of one.

Built by Brooke Marine, launched 14-Nov-1985 and commissioned 03-Oct-1986, 64m long, 13m wide drawing 5.5m and displacing 1,477 tonnes. Armed with 4 x 7.62mm machine guns, 2 c 7.62mm miniguns and 1 x 20mm cannon.

Instead of being laid up in 2003 was refitted and upgraded.

Became the flagship of the NATO Standing Naval Mine Countermeasures Group 1 in Jan-2008. With an operating area of the Baltic, European Atlantic Coast, Mediterranean and North African waters.

Expected to remain in service until 2014.

Won the Battle Honour: Al Faw 2003.


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