HMS New Zealand (1912) BC

This HMS New Zealand was the second to carry the name.

She was built by Fairfield laid down in Jun-1910, launched 01-Jul-1911 and completed in Nov-1912. 

She was built at the expense of the New Zealand government but was a Royal Navy ship.

In early 1913 she undertook a world tour which took her to many parts of the British Empire. In late 1913 she visited the Russian Baltic ports.

In 1914 she joined the Grand Fleet and was in action against the Blucher at the Battle of Dogger Bank.

At Jutland she received one hit on one of her turrets. 

She ended the war still with the Grand Fleet.

After the war she took Admiral Sir John Jellicoe on a world tour for a study into future defence requirements.

Sold 10-Dec-1922 and broken up at Rosyth.

Won the Battle Honours: Heligoland 1914, Dogger Bank 1915 and Jutland 1916.


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