HMS Dunedin (1919) CC  (1st)

This the only ship to carry the name HMS Dunedin was a  D Class (1918), light cruiser.

Built by Armstrong, laid down 05-Nov-1917, launched 19-Nov-1918, and commissioned 13-Sep-1919.

On completion joined the 1st Cruiser Squadron with the Atlantic Fleet.

Then May-1924 was loaned to the New Zealand Division to replace HMS Chatham. During this time she underwent refit in 1931/32.

On 29-Mar-1937 was relieved by HMS Leander and returned to Royal Navy control. Spent he time until the outbreak of WW2 in reserve or training duties.

In Aug-1939 was with the 12th Cruiser Squadron in the Home Fleet, and Sep-1939 joined the 11th Cruiser Squadron in the Orkneys and Shetland Command. Spending the rest of 1939 on Northern patrol work.

1940 went to the America and West Indies Station. Where she captured the German blockade runners Hannover and Heidelberg in the Windward Passage in Mar-1940.

June/July 1940 was spent blockading the Vichy French island of Martinique.

In 1941 she went to the South Atlantic and 15-Jun-1941 captured the German merchantman Lotheringen in the central Atlantic after the Bismarck operations.

On 30-Jun-1941 captured the Vichy French Merchantman Ville de Rouen off Natal, then 30-Jun-1941 east of St Paul's rocks the Ville de Tamative.

Torpedoed and sunk by U-124, on 24-Nov-1941 while on lone patrol between Pernambuco and St Paul's rocks. 418 of her crew lost.

Won the Battle Honour: Atlantic 1941.


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