HMS Dorsetshire (1930) CC  (3rd)

This the third ship to carry the name HMS Dorsetshire was a Cruiser.

Built at Portsmouth Dockyard, laid down 21-Sep-1927, launched 29-Jan-1929, and commissioned 30-Sep-1930.

When completed served with the Atlantic and Home Fleets until 1933, then went to the Africa Station from 1933 to 1935.

Underwent a refit from 1936/37 after which she went to the 5th Cruiser Squadron on the China Station where she was when WW2 started. 

Joined Force I at Ceylon with HMS Cornwall and Hermes to hunt for German raiders, and joined the hunt for the Admiral Graf Spee in late 1939. During this she was ordered to the River Plate, where she arrived 12-Dec-1939 to help contain the cornered battleship.

Trade protection duties in the South Atlantic followed.

In Feb-1940 intercepted the German blockade runner Wakama off Rio.

Mid-1940 moved to Freetown and undertook operations against Vichy French shipping, including  shadowing the Battleship Richelieu.

Returned to the Indian Ocean in Nov-1940 to take part in operations against Italian Somaliland.

Returned to West Africa when the Admiral Sheer appeared in the South Atlantic at the end of the year.

Took part in operations during the hunt for the Bismarck, May 1941 when she shelled and torpedoed the Battleship.

During the rest of 1941 took part in trade protection and convoy escort duty ranging as far afield as Bombay.

On 01-Dec-1940 intercepted the German raider supply ship Python west off St Helena.

When the war against Japan started she went to the Indian Ocean and in Mar-1942 started a refit at Colombo. This was stopped at the end of March when a Japanese carrier force approached. When in company with HMS Cornwall she sailed to join the Eastern Fleet off the Maldives. But on 05-Apr-1942 while south east of the islands both ships were attacked, and sunk by a large force of Japanese carrier-borne aircraft. 

Won the Battle Honours: 'Bismarck' 1941, and Atlantic 1941.


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