HMS Delight (1953) DD  (12th)

This the twelfth ship to carry the name HMS Delight was a Daring Class (1952) destroyer

Built by Fairfield, laid own 05-Sep-1946, launched 21-Dec-1950 and completed 09-Oct-1953.

On completion went to the Mediterranean, spending her time mostly on NATO exercises and flag showing visits into European ports.

Returned to Devonport 30-Apr-1958 for refit which included removal of the aft torpedo tubes and their replacement with additional accommodation.

Emerged from refit 24-Feb-1959 and returned to the Mediterranean 28-May-1959, Returned to the UK and went into reserve at Devonport 14-Feb-1961 while awaiting for another refit.

Towed to Rosyth for refit which lasted from Sep-62 to Jul-64 after which she went into reserve at Portsmouth.  Returned to service 30-Jun-1965 and went to the Far East at Singapore Jan-66 to Jan-67 during the Indonesian confrontation.

Returned to the UK and paid off Sep-1967 for scrapping.

Sold 12-Sep-1970 and broken up at Inverkeithing.


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