HMS Broadway (1940) DD  (1st)

This the only ship to carry the name HMS Broadway was a Town Class, destroyer. One of 50 sold to the Royal Navy under the destroyers for bases agreement.

Originally the USS Hunt DD194, built by Newport News Shipbuilding Co , laid down 20-Aug-1918, launched 14-Feb-1920, commissioned in the US Navy 08-Jun-1920, commissioned in the Royal Navy 08-Oct-1940 and renamed.

Arrived at Devonport 20-Oct-1940 for a month long refit and after completion joined the 11th Escort Group. However a collision at Scapa Flow on 07-Dec required repairs at Hull until 07-Jan-1941. During work up more defects became evident and various repairs took until late April 1941.

After this she joined the 3rd Escort Group at Iceland.

Only eight days after joining she took part in the apparent sinking of U-110 on 09-May-1941. While being abandoned by her crew, an attempt to vent her tanks and sink her failed and the U-boat did not sink. A boarding party from HMS Bulldog spend about 1 hours removing the boats intact Enigma machine together with manuals, cypher documents and other secret material. Bulldog then began towing the captured submarine towards Iceland escorted by Broadway. The tow being designated Operation Primrose. Unfortunately during the tow U-110 sank. 

During the operation Broadway collided with the U-boat whose hydroplane pierced Broadway's hull. Damage from this took two months to repair at Dundee.

After this moved to the 17th Escort Group based at Newfoundland, remaining there until the end of 1941 when a further refit took place at Sheerness. She rejoined the 17th Escort Group in Apr-1942 and continued her work as convoy escort, sinking U-89 on 14-May-1943.

Later in the year with her age showing it was not worth maintaining her as an ocean escort so she transferred to the East Coast of Scotland as an Air Target ship. This work continued until May-1945 when the war in Europe ended and she took part in the liberation of Tromso on 16-May-1945.

Paid off 09-Aug-1945 remaining in unmaintained reserve until 17-Feb-1947.

Sold 18-Feb-1947 for scrapping. Arrived at Charlestown Mar-1948 for breaking up.

Won the Battle Honours: Atlantic 1941-43 and North Sea 1944.


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