HMS Audacious (1870) BB  (2nd)

This Audacious was the name ship of the first ironclad battleships which were built as a class. 

She was the second ship to carry the name Audacious.

Built by Napier, launched 27-Feb-1869 and completed 1870.

After serving as Hull guardship from 1871-1874 she became Flagship on the China Station from 1874-1878. Then back to Hull, following which she had a refit.
On return to service it was back to China from 1883-1889.
After a second refit, a third spell at Hull followed, then Audacious went into reserve in 1894.

She became a depot ship in 1902 and was renamed Fisgard. Then 01-Jan-1906 became a training ship and renamed again to Imperieuse.

In 1914 became a repair ship.

Sold 12-Mar-1927 and broken up at Inverkeithing.


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