Hunt Class (1979) MCMV

The Hunt Class mine countermeasure vessels are a class of 13 ships completed between 1979 and 1989. They are able to undertake two roles, mine-sweeping and mine-hunting in the one hull.

When first completed in 1979 they were the largest warships built with glass-reinforced plastic hulls. Eleven were built by Vosper Thorneycroft of Woolston and two by Yarrow on the Clyde.

Since their introduction their capabilities have been updated with Type 2193 Sonar which can detect football sized objects at up to 1,000m and Seafox mine disposal system able to destroy mines at depths up to 300m.

At Mar-2012, eight are still in service with one having been decommissioned, two sold to Greece and two sold to Lithuania.


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