Hunt Class (1917) SL

The Hunt Class (1917) of minesweeping sloops comprised two sub-groups.

The first, Belvoir Group, of twenty ships were designed by Alloa Shipbuilding Co, ordered in 1916 and named after British fox hunts.

The design was then altered by the Admiralty, by increasing the length by 6in and installed power by 400IHP. This formed the second sub-group, Aberdare Group, of 129 ships which were ordered between 1916 and Nov-1918. Which were named after inland locations. Of these 34 were cancelled two of which were cancelled after launch. Six completed as survey ships. Most were completed too late to see service in WW1.

They all had twin shafts, shallow draught, and forced draught coal fired boilers. They used Oropesa sweeps which cut cables of moored mines. 


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