Belvoir Class (1917) SL Specification 

Crew :

74. To Belvoir Class (1917) SL Ships :
Displacement : 710 tons.

Dimensions :

Belvoir Group;
231ft x 28ft x 8ft;
(70.4m x 8.5m x 2.4m).

Aberdare Group;
231ft 6in x 28ft x 8ft;
(70.6m x 8.5m x 2.4m).

Range : 1,500nm@10kts.
Armament : 1 x 4in and 1 x 12pdr guns, 2 x machine guns.
Power plant : 2-shaft, coal fired water tube boilers, triple expansion engines,
1,800ihp Belvoir Group; 2,200ihp Aberdare Group.

Max Speed :

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