Loch Class (1944) FF

The Loch Class (1944) of convoy escorts were the second type of Modern Frigate to be produced. They followed on from the River Class (1942) FF

They were designed for ocean escort work and so were about 100ft longer and had a greater range and speed, in comparison with their contemporary Castle Class (1943) Corvette. This extra length made the Loch's more suitable for ocean work and also more capable vessels than the smaller Corvettes. 

During construction the initial Loch Class vessels were split into two main groups plus a third smaller group of two ships.

One group was outfitted as anti-submarine vessels, the second group as anti-aircraft vessels, and the final two as depot ships.

The anti-submarine group retained their Loch names; 
The anti-aircraft group became the Bay Class (1944) FF and were suitably renamed; 
The two depot ships were renamed and became the Haven Class (1945) FF.


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