Pelorus Class (1897) CC

The 11 ships of the Pelorus Class were 3rd class, protected cruisers. Part of the 1893 construction programme.

They were a successor to the Pallas Class (1891), and followed the same general arrangement but with a longer and narrower hull which gave greater speed. Due to the narrower beam the heaviest guns were only 4in and not the 4.7in of the Pallas ships.

A traditional raised forecastle and stern with low freeboard mid section was retained. This made them very wet.

They were chosen to trial a variety of water-tube boilers, which were manufactured by several different companies. All suffered from some boiler trouble and with Pactolus and Pomone which received Thorneycroft boilers, this was so bad they were laid up in 1904.

After a few years the maximum speed dropped to 15-16kts,


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