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The six ships of the Caroline Class (1914) were expanded version of the previous year's Arethusa Class (1914). Part of the 1913 construction programme.

They had the same machinery and protection scheme as the Arethusa's, but had heavier armament mounted differently.

The 2 x 6in guns were mounted aft, superfiring one over the other, 2 single 4in guns were mounted forward, one on each side. They were not a success and were replaced in 1917-18 by a single 6in gun mounted on the centreline. At the same time the remaining 4in guns were also replaced by one 6in gun. So they changed from 10-gun mixed calibre ships to 4-gun single calibre ships.

Although they were retained after the end of WW1 they were considered under armed compared to later light cruiser classes.

HMS Caroline remains in service 29-Jan-2010 as RNVR Drill Ship at Belfast. The second oldest commissioned warship in the Royal Navy.


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