Barham Class (1890) CC

The two ships of the Barham Class (1890) CC were a last attempt to achieve a successful Torpedo Cruiser. They formed part of the 1887 construction programme and were the same programme's  Barracouta Class (1890) ships, with doubled boiler and machinery spaces.

The Barham's were intended to work with the Fleet and were not sheathed and coppered for tropical duty. Trials showed the design speed of 19kts was unrealistic as the degree of forced draught required was too great. The realistic maximum speed was only 16kts. However after being re-boilered during a refit in 1898-99, speed was raised to 18kts.

Too slow for their intended role they were used as despatch vessels in the Home and Mediterranean fleets.

The Torpedo Cruiser type began with the Scout Class (1887), and none achieved their design objectives. All were too slow.


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