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The 21 ships of the Apollo Class were 2nd Class Protected Cruisers. They were the largest class of cruisers ever built for the Royal Navy. they formed part of the 1889 construction programme.

They were developed from the Medea Class (1889) but were larger and modestly armed for their size. Their low amidships freeboard meant they were very wet, and although poor seaboats were god steamers.

Ten were sheathed and coppered for tropical service.

Many spent their early years in reserve, only being activated for annual manoeuvres. About the turn of the century they began to be used to replace older cruisers in the active fleet. Although obsolete by 1905 they were used for training work.

Eleven served in WW1, seven used as minelayers based at Sheerness and Dover. After 1915 most were reduced to secondary duties. Five being used as blockships in the Zeebrugge and Ostend raids of 1918. 


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