Honour - Porto Farina 1655

Date - 04-April
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions
Conflict - 17th Century Mediterranean Piracy

Description The action took place at Porto Farina, on the Tunisian coast, North Africa.

An English fleet of 24 ships under General-at-Sea Robert Blake, was sent to the Mediterranean to conduct operations as a reprisal for Barbary pirates attacks against English shipping.

The Bey of Tunis rejected the English demands for redress and Blake began bombarding the Bey's forts. A force of 9 Algerian ships were then located at nearby Porto Farina. Fifteen English ships forced the harbour entrance, silenced some shore batteries, destroyed all 9 Algerian ships and withdrew.


HM Ships
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Kentish  Merlin  Mermaid  Newcastle  Pearl 
Plymouth  Princess Maria  Success  Unicorn  Worcester 
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