HMS Trenchant (1944) SS (2nd)

  HMS Trenchant Badge  
This HMS Trenchant was the second to bear the name, and also the first submarine to do so.

She was constructed at Chatham Dockyard, launched 24-Mar-1943, and completed in 26-Feb-1944.

As one of the Triton class submarines, she was approximately 240 feet long and boasted a 4-inch gun and 20mm Oerlikon Gun. In addition she was fitted with no less than 11 torpedo tubes (6 bow tubes and 5 stern), and could also carry up to 18 mines. 

Trenchant had 19 years of service, seeing action off Sumatra (Japan), the Malacca Straits, and Fremantle (Western Australia).

Paid off and scrapped 23-Jul-1963

Won the Battle Honour: Malaya 1944-1945.


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