HMS Thane (1943) CVE  (1st)

This the only ship to carry the name HMS Thane was a Ruler Class (1942) escort aircraft carrier. Built for the US Navy as USS Sunset, CVE 48, and transferred to the Royal Navy under lease-lend terms.

Built by Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Corp at Seattle, laid down 23-Feb-1943, launched 15-Jul-1943, transferred to the Royal Navy and commissioned 19-Nov-1943. Used as an accommodation ship until Apr-1944 pending arrival of enough of a crew to arrive to move her.

Modifications to meet Royal Navy requirements followed at Vancouver from Apr-1944 to Jun-1944.

Allocated to Western Approaches Command as a ferry carrier and used for this until torpedoed Jan-1945.

Torpedoed by U-482 in the Firth of Clyde 15-Jan-1945. Towed to Faslane and de-stored as there was no shipyard capacity to repair her.

Formally put into reserve 21-Jul-1945.

Returned to the US Navy 05-Dec-1945 'as is'. Later sold for breaking up at Faslane.

Won the Battle Honour: Atlantic 1944.


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