HMS Invincible (1870) BB  (4th)

This the fourth HMS Invincible was an ironclad battleship, which could be powered by either sail or steam. She built by Napier on the Clyde, launched 29-May-1869.

After a short period at Hull, she went to the Mediterranean in 1872.
Then except for a refit and replacement of machinery, she continued to serve in the Mediterranean until 1886.

She saw action in the Egyptian War of 1882 bombarding forts ashore at Meks and landing a Naval brigade.

Was guardship at Southampton from 1886 to 1893, after which she was used as a depot ship.

She was renamed the Training Ship HMS Erebus in Apr-1904, then renamed again as Fisgard II in Jan-1906.

She sank off Portland Bill while under tow in 17-Sep-1914.

Won the Battle Honour: Alexandria 1882.


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