HMS Caldwell (1940) DD  (2nd)

This the second ship to carry the name HMS Caldwell was a Town Class, destroyer. One of 50 sold to the Royal Navy under the destroyers for bases agreement.

Originally the USS Hale DD133, built by Bath Iron Works, laid down 07-Oct-1918, launched 29-May-1919, commissioned in the US Navy 12-Jun-1919, commissioned in the Royal Navy 09-Sep-1940 and renamed.

Escorted her first convoy 23-Oct and joined the 5th Escort Group Dec-1940. Remained with this Group until Feb-1942 with various time out's for refit and repair.

Joined the Western Local Escort Force at St. Johns Newfoundland on 21-Feb-1942. To Boston for refit 03-Jun-1942 after which she went back to St. Johns.

Sustained severe weather damage on 18-Dec 1942 and drifted for three days before being taken in tow by HMS Wanderer, reaching the safety of St. Johns on 24-Dec. The damage could not be repaired there so was towed to Boston for for repairs which took until 01-Mat-1943 to be completed. Returned to escort duty with the Western Local Escort Force until she returned to the UK in Dec-1943 to go into reserve at the Tyne.

Sold 20-Mar-1945 and broken up at Granton.

Won the Battle Honour: Atlantic 1940-43


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