HMS Argyll (1905) CC  (2nd) 

The second HMS Argyll was an armoured cruiser.

Built at Scotts of Greenock, laid down 01-Sep-1902, launched 03-Mar-1904 and completed Dec-1905.

On completion served in the Atlantic 1906-7 with the 1st Cruiser Squadron. Then on to the Channel from 1907 to 1909. With the 5th Cruiser Squadron in the Atlantic from 1909 to 1912.

At the outbreak of WW1 Argyll was with the 3rd Cruiser Squadron at Scapa Flow with the Grand Fleet. On patrol near the Shetlands she captured a German merchant ship on 06-Aug-1914.

During Nov-1914 she was redeployed to Rosyth as part of an anti-invasion and anti-raiding force.

She took part in the abortive raid on Heligoland and Cuxhaven. Which was followed mainly by patrol duties off the north east coast of Scotland.

On one of these patrols she ran aground on the Bell Rock 28-Oct-1915, whose lighthouse had been turned off on orders from the Admiralty. Although there were no casualties, the ship became a total wreck. Only the 6in guns were salvaged.


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