HMS Alexandra (1877) BB  (1st)

This the first HMS Alexandra was a battleship built as a class of one and the first ship to carry the name.

She was built at Chatham Dockyard, laid down in Mar-1873, launched 07-Apr-1875 and completed in Jan-1877. She was originally named HMS Superb but renamed 04-Mar-1874.

Alexandra served as Flagship Mediterranean Fleet from 1877-1889.

During this time she led the fleet into the Dardanelles in 1878 although she was grounded for a time during the passage, and was present at the bombardment of Alexandria in 1882.

On her return home in 1889 she was modernised. When her rig was reduced and she was re-armed.

The rest of her career was spent at Portland either as Flagship of Reserves or as guardship until 1901.

She was the last broadside armed ship to sail with the Fleet when she took part in manoeuvres in 1900.

Won the Battle Honour: Alexandria 1882.


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