HMS Agincourt (1914) BB  (4th)

This the second HMS Agincourt was originally ordered in Britain by the Brazilian Government, and named Rio de Janeiro when launched 22-Jan-1913. 

However the Brazilians found they could not afford her so she was on- sold to Turkey as Sultan Osman I but never delivered. This was because on completion in August 1914 she was appropriated by the Royal Navy for war service and renamed Agincourt.

Built by Armstrong and in service with the Royal Navy as a class of one. 

She served with the Grand Fleet for the entire duration of WW1, was in action at Jutland and sustained no damage.

After World War I, she was unsuccessfully offered for sale back to Brazil. Then used for experimental purposes.

Sold for scrap 19-Dec-1922.


Won the Battle Honour: Jutland 1916.


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